Gentes do Fado

CNM-Companhia Nacional de Música 2013

André Baptista gives us his second work “Gentes do Fado” when Fado gets over the frontiers of his birth and is spread all over the world as one of the most authentic and refined musical ways of people identification, reaching the status of Immaterial Patrimony of Humanity.

With this work, his hot timbre from Alentejo and with his own interpretation, André Baptista searches for a renewed continuity of tradition, presenting a work totally composed by poems written by Fado writers, the great interpreters of his own art! Those who, before him, built the solid foundations for what the Fado is nowadays. Names as Amália Rodrigues, Fernanda Maria, Frei Hermano da Câmara, Tristão da Silva, Teresa Tarouca and many others… and original poems!

“Gentes do Fado” by André Baptista, with a voice coming from an ancient time, the original themes and the revivalism of great classics, carries us to an emotional “walk” to the centre of the souls of those who gave and keep on giving life to our national song!

His discreet attitude, but affirmative presence in Alfama nights, have already called public attention and critics, and that’s why this second work and the show with the same name were born; this show will be presented all over the world! André Baptista is one of the promising voices of Fado in the 21st century.